Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Member Profile -- Lisa Binkley

Lisa Binkley is the first to respond to our call for member profile information. Thanks, Lisa!

On the Path by Lisa Binkley
On the Path by Lisa Binkley 13"w x 11"h x 1.5"d. 

I've been playing with fabric, yarn, thread, and beads since I was a preschooler. My undergraduate degree is in Textiles & Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After earning a Masters in Urban Planning and working as a policy analyst in that field for about 10 years, I opted to be home with my (then) very young kids and set up a studio in my home. So I've been working professionally as a studio artist now for about 10 years and feel very fortunate to have a studio in my home right next to my husband's studio. (My studio is also homework central after school, which  is great).

I exhibit my work in my home area (near Madison, WI) and all over the country, and I teach bead embroidery works and lecture quite a bit as well. I love the balance of quiet, solitary studio time and time with students who love and want to learn about beadwork.  My workshops range in length from 1/2-day classes in which students make samplers or ornaments containing a variety of bead embroidery techniques to a 5-day "All About Bead Embroidery" class I'll be teaching at QSDS (the Quilt Surface Design Symposium) in June of 2011.

On the Path will be in an upcoming two-person exhibition with my husband (illustrator Ed Binkley; www.edbinkley.com). We were pleased to be invited to have a show together this summer at the American Girl company corporate headquarters art gallery in Middleton, WI. We'll each have 10-12 pieces in Narrative Thread: The Art of Ed and Lisa Binkley from late June to early September 2010.  I'm hoping to find some additional venues after that so that the show can travel a bit.

On the Path combines so many of the materials and techniques I love -- hand-made felt (from a large crocheted rectangle that I felted in my washing machine), hand embroidered beads and thread, off-loom bead weaving, and haiku. I love Japanese/Zen gardens and spent a fair amount of time reading about them while I was designing this piece. What I read helped me to decide where to place the stream, island (where the turtle sleeps), and large free-form right-angle-weave rocks. The piece was inspired by my love of Zen gardens, especially the raked rocks, and the wonderful matte-finish grey beads that I used for the raked rocks.  I enjoy writing haiku and have now created three embroideries that include haiku I've written. My plan is to continue this series.

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Jill Robinson said...

Lisa-- your piece is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing your work.